Natural Nook Shipping and Payment Policy


Welcome to Natural Nook, your trusted source for eco-friendly fashion and sustainable products. We are committed to making your online shopping experience convenient and transparent. This comprehensive guide outlines our shipping and payment policy, assuring you of our credibility and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Shipping Costs

  • Free Shipping: All orders, whether domestic or international, come with free shipping.
  • No VAT: VAT is not included in the product price and will be paid by customers upon package collection.

Domestic and International Fulfillment

  • Worldwide Shipping: We proudly serve customers globally.
  • Shipping Times:
    • EU orders: Generally, within 5 days.
    • Other locations: Up to 14 days.
  • Seasonal Delays: Expect longer delivery times during busy seasons.
  • Holidays and Weekends: No shipments on holidays and weekends.

Order Processing Times

  • Standard Processing: Orders are usually processed within 5 days.
  • Busy Seasons: Allow up to one week for processing during peak times.
  • Order Changes: A 24-hour window is available for any alterations to your order.

Payment Methods and Collection

We accept a variety of payment options for your convenience, including Vipps, PayPal, and Klarna. Payments are reserved when placing the order and collected when the package is shipped.

Transparency Around Returns, Changes, and Cancellations

  • 14-Day Return Policy: Applies to all orders, except for damaged or incorrect items.
  • Non-Refundable: Unauthorized returns will not be refunded.
  • Missing Packages: Replacements subject to official carrier declarations. We will naturally replace any packages that are lost during shipping.
  • Exchanges: Items can be exchanged within 14 days; return shipping is the customer's responsibility.
  • For complaints related to defective items, please refer to section Defects and Buyer's Rights.

Defects and Buyer's Rights in Natural Nook Products

Discovering a Defect: Immediate Steps

If you discover a defect in any of the eco-friendly clothing or bags purchased from Natural Nook, it's crucial to report it within a reasonable timeframe. According to consumer purchase law, you are obliged to notify us within  2 months of receiving the defective item. We encourage you to contact us via email to register your complaint.

Your Rights as a Buyer

Should the defect not be attributed to the buyer or circumstances on the buyer's side, you are entitled to various options under the Consumer Purchase Law:


You can opt for the item to be replaced by a similar product, free of charge.

Demand a Price Reduction or Cancel the Order

In instances where replacement is not possible, you have the right to demand a full refund.

How to Lodge a Complaint

For maintaining a transparent and fair resolution process, it is advisable to send your complaints in written form. All complaints must be submitted to our email found in our Contacts page.

By making your purchase from Natural Nook, you not only contribute to environmental sustainability through our commitment to planting 10 trees per purchase but also enjoy full protection under consumer rights laws. We aim to provide products that last and are made ethically, following our mission of sustainability, fairness, and transparency.

Potential Service Outages

For delays due to unforeseen circumstances like natural disasters or Covid-19, we appreciate your patience and understanding as we aim to fulfill your order promptly.

Dispute Resolution

Complaints should be directed to the seller within a reasonable time. Both parties shall attempt to resolve any disputes amicably. If an amicable resolution cannot be reached, the buyer may contact Forbrukertilsynet for mediation. Forbrukertilsynet can be reached at telephone number 23 400 600 or through their official website.

For consumers residing in other EU countries, complaints can also be submitted through the European Commission's Online Dispute Resolution portal. This is particularly relevant if you are a consumer residing in another EU country. The complaint can be lodged here.

Contact Us

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